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Immerse yourself in the world of Ultra HD 4K

4K and 3D projectors, home theater and integrated amplifiers, sound bars, speakers, scalers, DVD and Blu-ray video servers…Our selection will allow you to discover the best in terms of High-Tech products, with a large price range.

Our home theater auditorium is acoustically treated, and is equipped with a variable lighting system. Opaque blackout curtains will allow you to fully appreciate the level of performance of the projectors we display, regardless of the time of day, in optimal conditions.

The best home theater equipment of our Easylounge.com website has been specifically selected for you to enjoy, in this thrill-seeker’s nest. A comfortable black leather sofa, equipped with ButtKicker vibration technology provides the perfect spot for the whole family to discover and enjoy our technology.

The Home-Theater Passion

And because the universe of Home Cinema also translates into technical aspects, the whole area has been designed in a way that the material is accessible and visible for demonstration, without hindering the overall audio and visual result.


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