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Our High Fidelity space, an exceptional listening room

Whatever your musical tastes may be, the various systems we display will know how to seduce you.

Novices are always welcome to discover the subtleties of different audio quality levels! Just know that the authenticity provided by a moment of music is often worth more than a therapy, and strongly influences your humor, all the while sharpening your senses. Our auditorium is specially designed for you not to miss anything of what you hear, and offer an incomparable pleasure.

Several different Hi-Fi devices, both analog and digital, are displayed, from CD to vinyl readers, not forgetting what we use most nowadays, cloud technology.

For a personnalised listening time

Do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment! So as to decide upon the perfect time, ensure our full availability, and receive privileged service.

Dial 04 97 21 76 91, or click here to fill our contact form.


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