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Bose® Center in Antibes

We welcome you without any prior appointment needed, in the brand new Bose area of Antibes, which we inaugurated on February 1st, 2013. This space is entirely dedicated to the great American brand, and displays all the Bose systems (Home Theater, Hifi, Outdoor and indoor speakers, Wireless speakers, Multiroom systems and all the headphones).

If you are seeking a powerful, efficient, elegant, discreet, and user-friendly system for your whole family, we suggest that you come and test our Bose technology. You will discover the latest products from Bose.

With 15 new products this year, Bose now offers us a range of “sound bar” with amazing performance, you can experience in our store.

Expert a comfortable area, where you will be able to compare the different Bose home theater systems. As the only authorized Bose distribution outlet in Antibes and Sophia-Antipolis, it is with great pride that we endorsed this role during the winter of 2013.

BOSE® knowledge

Our team now offers an unparalleled level of technical knowledge, enabling us to guide you in your most ambitious home system installations, such as the Bose multiroom installation, or the outdoor installation of Bose speakers.


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